Zachary Nystrom, NJ, USA

Zachary Nystrom, NJ, USA -  Portrait of Zachary by @directedbybigbody Anthony Comi

Zachary Nystrom, NJ, USA - Portrait of Zachary by @directedbybigbody Anthony Comi


Among which criteria do you choose your models and the striking backgrounds we can find on your photos?

When I first started out I was shooting mostly just with my friends and local bands that I enjoyed. From there I searched the web for creatives with content and attitude that I liked and that evolved into creators contacting me. As for locations, on tour I just made the best out of the landscape around me. I love the outdoors so if I have the opportunity I will always go to nature. I always ask the models if they have a specific spot they want to go to and if not I research the area and pick out the best outdoor spots.

When and why did you start taking pictures?

March 3rd of 2018. The studio my band records at does live sessions with bands called “Sounds From the House” - it was the first time they were doing the event and it was also my friend Ryan’s birthday. Something came over me and I decided to get 3 disposable cameras for the event. When I had finally got the pictures back and went through them I remembered how magical film was. The next day I decided to buy a camera and started messing around with it. About a month later, I was already doing shoots with friends and bands in the area and it just kept developing from there.

Following you on Instagram we got the impression that you were on a long photo trip across the USA, would you please tell us more about this time?

I lost my home in October, and my seasonal job ends in November. During September, while trying to figure out my best plan of action, instead of looking for a place to live I decided to take the opportunity to drive across the country. I sent out hundreds of emails and with the people who responded created a trip. I had no real plan besides to just go on the route I had planned - so that’s exactly what I did. I was lucky enough to have family and friends across the country who let me stay with them, showed me the area, gave me history lessons, etc. I was on the road alone for three months, seeing the country, watching the landscape change, and working with so many wonderful people. It was so refreshing to do photo shoots in so many different areas, it not only helped me expand my photography but also helped me grow as a person.

Why did you chose analog photography as a medium for your work?

The first digital camera became available to the public when I was about 11 or 12. So growing up when you wanted to look at family photos you had to go through a box of film prints. There was always something about the aesthetic that spoke to me deeply. When I had gotten my pictures back from the first disposable camera I had used in years, I realized how much I loved film and missed it. So I decided to take it more seriously and got my first real camera the next day.

You describe yourself as a travelling photographer, what are your next destinations?

My recent tour helped me get a lot more bookings on the west coast of the United States so I plan to go out to California again for a week in August. When winter comes around again my next destination is Toronto, Canada. After that I would like to make it out to Paris if financially possible for me at the time. In the years to come I plan to travel to as many other countries as I possibly can. In the mean time, I will still drive 5 hours away to another state, do a shoot, and come back in the same day. I love being on the road and exploring and my love for nature and people is perfectly brought together with photography and traveling.

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Zachary´s works:

Labels KONO! Original Sunstorke & KONO! Original Moonstruck

Models: datdeerdoe & gypsydanger (Rotwild), unapologeticallybean (Sunstroke), ezrakh (Moonstruck)