Bob Williams, Eugene, Oregon, USA


How did you get into photography?
I think it started when my father handed me an old Yashica TLR camera. I loved how the world looked through the view finder and how I could frame the world in a way that I liked. Once I captured my first images, i was hooked. From there it was just something I always wanted to do.

What are your favorite subjects, where is your main focus, people, fashion, landscape, street?
People are definitely my main focus without a doubt, the context in which I photograph them varies though. I love fashion and glamour as it’s fun to take someone out of their reality for a small period of time and create something that is so different from where they naturally exist.  I also love street photography and even with all the cellphone pics i think it’s something that’s very important to shoot. It shows the current state of our time, culture in the areas we shoot and how that shifts as the years pass. I think it’s one of the most important forms of photography actually.

What cameras do you use preferably for analog and digital?
I mainly shoot Canon. I’m brand loyal as I know their cameras and accessories and it’s what I started with. Had I started with Nikon I’d probably be there as well.  My main digital work horses are a 1D mark IV and a 5d mark III. For Analog, I use a Canon F1 which is still a fabulous camera as well as a few odd balls like a Zorki 4k range finder / Konica C35auto rangefinder / Agfa Isolette III 120 (my favorite) and an old Brand 17 large format 4×5 view camera.  I also have a beautifully crafted polaroid conversion hand made and wrapped in red alligator skin by Chris Ward of Second Shot cameras that makes an appearance once in a while.

What are your wishes when it comes to the general development in photography?
I have several but really it’s that the public become more educated on the difference of good and bad photography. With the ease of digital we have more photos floating around than ever, but most of it is just poorly shot images.  Because a few good images come out of these by pure luck some have the perception that photography is easier and less valuable which I find is quite the opposite. With the ability to review, I find I’m harder on myself with the images I create vs the acceptance level I have when I shoot film.

What influenced you style?
My mother was an artist who worked primarily in oil paints.  The lighting that was used in her paintings is pretty much how I light my more dramatic portraiture.  I grew up fairly poor so we didn’t have a lot or live in the nicest place but you learned to find beauty in all that surrounds you and that sticks with you as well. Culture and music are still huge influences as well as other artists and photographers.

What would like to photograph the most?
I would love to have the opportunity and time to photography other artists working their craft. I’d love to have all access to a successful band on tour and put my spin on the culture of that industry as it unfolds in front of me and the same would be for actors. I love watching artists do what they do. Next would be to travel and shoot portraits of different cultures before they shift, blend or are lost all together.

Where can we learn more about you and your work?
You can see more of my work at and of course I have a site to support film photographers where we all share our work at

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