Connor Lundy, London

Connor Lundy, London

Connor Lundy, London


Please introduce yourself to our readers: My name is Connor Lundy and I am a London native who is currently looking for a job that does not make me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon. I often spend my time boring friends and acquaintances to death with advertising ideas, photography and political discussion.
How and when did you get into photography?
Awkwardly enough for my current girlfriend I actually discovered photography whilst researching a camera for a former girlfriend. Originally it was supposed to be a present however I ended up thinking “oh yes… this feels quite good”. The first time my current girlfriend shall hear this anecdote though is when the interview is published so that’s going to be pretty fun.

What cameras do you use preferably for analog and digital?

Let me first say that I am enormously embarrassed but if you give me anything more advanced than a 35mm you’ll most likely find me balled up in the corner of the room in foetal position. Some people don’t use digital because its not seen as the hip thing to do however in my case its due to my technological incompetence.
When it comes to analogue I have only ever owned 4 cameras. In chronological order it was a £10 piece of shit called a Kowaflex (that I broke), a polaroid (that I can’t afford to buy film for), a Canon A1 and an Olympus 35ED (also broken). The Canon A1 is the only member of this group I can swear by because it is the only camera that hasn’t yet broken my heart. I have had some bad luck but the fact that I haven’t yet accidentally destroyed the Canon must mean that it is made of the toughest material known to man.

What or who influenced your style?

For me the Irish photographer Richard Mosse is at the top of the field. I find that with every new project he is really pushing boundaries. If you haven’t seen any of his work it is definitely worth checking him out. I am also a big fan Wolfgang Tillman however I find his work can be quite polarizing. Some pieces I adore but others I despise.

We are really impressed of the pictures you took in NYC on our Rotwild, why did you choose such an “extreme“ film?
Thank you very much for saying so. The reason I originally started using redscale film was in an attempt to create a dystopian vibe. I was at an exhibition at the Somerset House in London and I came upon this mixed media piece by an artist called Shephard Fairey. I have been shamelessly attempting, and failing, to replicate that aesthetic ever since.
Is there anything, anybody or anyplace on your bucket list you have to take a picture from?
Personally I adore places that are traditionally ugly. I think that there is something to be said for attempting to make horrible and decaying locations look picturesque or beautiful. With that in mind my ideal location would probably be one of those morbid trips to Chernobyl.
And last but not least, is there anything you want the world to know?
Today in the UK we are having a general election. It is important that the British people get out there and vote for a fairer and more honest government. The Conservatives have relentlessly cut arts programs in their time in office. We as an electorate need to vote against this to ensure that art is both inclusive and diverse.

Where can we see more of your photographs?
I am incredibly basic so the only place you’ll currently find my photographs is on Instagram. However saying that I also have some of my pictures on your KONO! Website so that is two places.

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