Frank Dautant, NYC


May you describe yourself in a few sentences, if possible?

I'm a self taught photographer based out of NYC. I am a film photography addict and landscape is the subject I like the most. I was born in Indianapolis, IN but raised in Caracas, Venezuela and before moving to the US I lived in Sydney, Australia for some years. Although I am an engineer by career, I am a photographer at heart. To me photography is a perfect balance between art and science.

How did you get into photography?

I picked it up from my dad, he was always carring his Canon AE1 everywhere, always documenting what was going on and he was an avid Indi 500 photographer, I still have his camera and all his albums. My first camera was a 110 Kodak Ektralite. My dad gave it to me when I was a kid. I thought it was the best thing. I never stopped shooting ever since. 

We love the angles you chose for this architecture series, is there an extensive planning phase involved or do you decide it on spontaneously on spot?

Living in NYC, I like walking around rediscovering places where I have been before. I knew the area well and I wanted to capture the regular cityscape in a different way. I choose Kono! due to its interesting contrast and a 300mm lens to have a different perspective and choose a day to go out and shoot.  I already knew the spots from where I wanted to shoot from and all that was left was observe through the lens, that day, how the light interacted with the building and choose the proper angle. So, there is a little bit of preparation, but it all depends on the day that you decide to go out and shoot.

What are your favorite subjects, where is you focus?

I like Nature, Cities, Landscapes. I really like decay and abandoned spaces. And now I'm getting into some abstract work. My focus is on film as medium, I try to het me hands on different film and just see what happens. For me  the important is the whole experience of taking a photograph. I think that is the reason why I'm in love with large format photography.

What cameras do you use preferably for analog and digital?

I personally prefer Analog. Long live film!  My Lomography LCA and Leica M5 are always present in my bag. I just enjoy the medium and the chemistry so much and all the work behind shooting film. I still shoot digital when the occasion requires it. I use Sony A7R, that allows me to use different experimental lenses.

What influenced you style?

I have definitely been influenced by my travels. Being exposed to different people and cultures gives you a new perspective of yourself and the world; it breaks paradigms. Of course, I look up to photographers, such as Adams, Weston, Croppi, and certain peers have helped me shape who I am as a photographer. However, I think I'm still looking for my style. I guess that is an journey that never ends.

What would you like to photograph the most?

Subject wise, The Alambra in Seville, Volcanos in Guatemala and the ancient city of Petra in Jordan

Where can we learn more about you and your work?

You can check out my website where you can find a collection of my latest projects, all analog :). Also my IG, @frankdtnt, is always available for some perousing. If you are up for a nice conversation I'm at the Lomography Gallery Store from Monday through Friday.

Frank´s works: