Joanna Poulton, United Kindom


Please introduce yourself to our readers:
My name's Joanna and I work in the creative industry as a Production Coordinator and Script Supervisor in Bristol, UK. When I'm not running around organising film shoots and jumble sales there is nothing more I enjoy than getting into nature with my friends and taking a few snaps on my Pentax Espio 150 point and shoot!

What cameras do you use preferably for analog and digital?
I always shoot on film - I love the fact that you're never quite sure if it's worked and the thrill you get when you discover it has! Digital feels too disposable for me in an ironic way as in the UK single use cameras are called disposable cameras but the photos are anything but disposable! I use my Olympus af-10 and Pentax Espio 150 the most.
I love KONO! film and the fact that you they re-use recycled canisters really inspires me - there is so much unnecessary waste in the world and KONO! are doing a wonderful thing to minimise theirs!

We saw pictures you took on a trip together with friends and the place looks breathtaking, would you share where it was?
The photo of my good friend John using KONO! The Reanimated Film is taken on the Crinkle Craggs walk in the Lake District, UK we were celebrating our friends 25th Birthday with a hike and spent 6 hours roaming around in the snow - making up songs and telling jokes - nothing can beat it!

There is an eclectic collection of photographs on your wonderful Instagram feed: Landscape, streets, architecture but there is not one portrait, is there a special reason?
I've been getting more into taking portraits recently (I have some beautiful friends) but to be honest I really enjoy finding the beauty in things that other people may overlook. I just bloody love nature and design and find both incredibly inspiring.

Where can we see more of your photographs?
My photographs are usually uploaded to my Instagram but I will hopefully be putting together a tumblr soon - I just have thousands of photos to trawl though before I get to that stage.

Joanna´s works: