Marta Huguet Cuadrado, Madrid


How did you get into photography?
I started shooting digital while I was an exchange student in Finland, but I didn’t really enjoy the process. It was only after a couple of years when I decided to give film photography a try and see how I dealt with it (break-ups give you some extra time and if you use it properly you never know how many new passions you’ll find!)

What are your favorite subjects, where is your focus?
When I started with photography, I experimented with architecture and landscape since they were the most approachable to me, but they didn’t move me at all. After some time researching analog photographers for the film photo magazine I run with some colleagues (Whattaroll Magazine) I realized I was really attracted to portraits, and decided to start shooting them myself. I am still learning, trying to nail my exposures and learn how to appreciate good light that is around us. But damn, what a beautiful process this is!

What cameras do you use preferably for analog and/or digital photography?
I’m afraid I can say very few words about the digital world, because I only use my iPhone camera for point and shoot images I need to use right away. But if we move to the analogue side of this, I have two wonderful cameras that I love using often: My Hasselblad 500 CM and my Polaroid Land 440. Heavy and flamboyant, but also trustworthy and capable of giving me what I had in mind while shooting.

What do you think, in which direction will photography in general move?
I think the film photography industry is slowly moving forward and that is encouraging at least! Passionate companies are still creating new film in the most creative ways. KONO! Cinestill, Ferrania are some of these names. There are more and more film labs doing a magnificent job (Carmencita, Indie film Lab, UK Film Lab, FIND…) and even new cameras are being introduced! The Intrepid Camera created a beautiful 4×5 large format camera and the list could grow infinite! Those are just a few indicators of how the craft is being backed by more and more people. Promising future ahead!

What influenced your style?
I don´t know if we could say I already have a style, since I consider myself still pretty much learning every day and trying new things, but music is what inspires me the most. I normally shoot with a soundtrack in the back of my mind (oh Sigur Ros you’re to blame for this…) Of course, there are many artists and photographers that I find inspiring and whose art I respect and admire. I studied architecture and that taught me to appreciate all kinds of art and apply them into my personal creative process.

What would you like to photograph the most?
I would love to photograph a dancer. I am obsessed with body language and having the opportunity to shoot someone who is able to express with her body as much as with her face must be amazing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch Pina Bausch’s performances and you’ll understand. So many possibilities to explore! I picture a neutral background, soft natural light, and nothing but the dancer.

Where can we learn more about you and your work?
I recently opened a tumblr page to start gathering my photographs altogether, but I have not uploaded a decent amount of pictures yet. My biggest collection of film photography can be found in my Instagram account.

Is there any question you always wanted to be asked?
When I look at the galleries of the artists I like, I often wonder about their creative process and how they evolved with the time. I like to imagine there was an image they shot that made them think, “Hey, I think I could do this for the rest of my life!” So, asking myself about the moment I realized this was what I wanted to do, I think there was a roll I shot some summers ago that, besides the saturated over-shiny results, still brings me awesome memories of the shoot, and it was one of the first times that I was satisfied with the results. In the end, photography is to me something where the process matters as much as the results I get.

Marta´s photographies: